Our program – Ten Commandments of our Party

LSNS logoPeople’s Party Our Slovakia is a legal political party registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Slovak Republic. Since the founding our members are lawfully trying to prevent further thievery in Slovakia by politicians and social parasites. Main pillar of the program is called the Ten Commandments of the People’s Party Our Slovakia which aims to cope with the crimes committed by politicians since November 1989 and wants to establish social justice:

  1. We will force the politicians to take full responsibility for their decisions, so that high politics is no more the most organized criminal profession. We will introduce criminal liability for politicians and high state officials for abusing their power, even negligently. We will accept laws focused on proving the origin of the property and re-investigate the process of privatization. Formerly plundered assets will be returned to state ownership.
  2. We see the path to prosperity in efficient management, not in continuous tax increases. We will review state expenditures in order to adopt a balanced state budget. Social policy will be built on principle of equity and we will put a stop to the preferential treatment of all social parasites, including gypsy parasites. Parasites who will refuse to work, will receive nothing for free – no housing or other benefits and allowances.
  3. The salaries of politicians and high government officials will be dependent on the level of minimum wage. We will reduce the number of parliament deputies from the current 150 to 100. We will cancel the positions of government plenipotentiaries and stop financing of political parties from the state budget.
  4. We will allow all people to work. Unemployed citizens will be able to participate in activities that are currently carried out by overpriced private companies (construction and repair of housing establishments, schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure). Minimum wage and the lowest pension will depend on the type of job. We will enforce the retirement age to 60 years by constitution law.
  5. We will establish a domestic-militia and volunteers among decent people will be given the opportunity to actively protect the lives and property of themselves and their loved ones. We will expand the right to protect life and property to include protection by a gun. The age for criminal responsibility shall be reduced to 12 years and the criminal and penitentiary system will be adjusted so that everyone, including politicians and social parasites, will think twice whether they would prefer honest work or stealing and plundering.
  6. Education of youth will be built on traditional national and Christian principles and values. We will return the authority and dignity to the teachers by stating them as public officials, so they earn back the respect they deserve, particularly in relation to children from rich or antisocial families. We will establish regular drug tests in primary and secondary schools and review the normative funding of schools.
  7. We will restore agricultural, economic and energetic self-sufficiency of Slovak Republic. We will prevent foreigners from buying land in Slovakia and we will increase subsidies for farmers. We will stop preferential treatment of foreign companies and introduce a reduced VAT rate of 10 % for food products from Slovak manufacturers. We will encourage the use of alternative fuels in both private and public transport.
  8. We put Slovak interests above the dictate of Brussels and therefore we refuse to restrict the sovereignty of member states of the European Union. We will never support any form of state aid to irresponsible private banks or foreign governments. We will strengthen the control of illegal employment of foreigners, immigration and visa policy. We will re-establish the Slovak national currency – Slovak crown.
  9. We will not allow any violation of Slovakian territorial integrity and we will strengthen the defense of the country. We will leave the NATO terrorist pact and our troops will no longer participate in occupation of foreign countries. Voluntary military training will be available for all candidates.
  10. Marriage will be always considered as the union of a man and a woman. Decent families will be supported by interest-free loans and with the possibility of obtaining a rented flat. We refuse registered partnerships, adoption of children by gay couples and promotion of sexual deviations.