About us

LSNS logoPeople’s Party Our Slovakia (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko) was established as a political party in 2011. It is based on three core principles – national, christian and social.

Leader of the people’s Party Our Slovakia is Ing. Mgr. Marian Kotleba, regional president of the Banská Bystrica county.

The People’s Party Our Slovakia is the only real alternative and opposition to the corrupted and criminal “democratic” system and the current parliamentary parties, which all have been more or less participating in stealing the treasures of our country and in betraying and selling out our nation.

The People’s Party Our Slovakia continues in the legacy of our national heroes – Ludovit Stur, Dr. Andrej Hlinka and Dr. Jozef Tiso.

The People’s Party Our Slovakia aims to reshape Slovak Republic with the goal to become:

  • politically independent and economically self-sufficient so that we are not controlled by the European Union, international financiers and multinational corporations. We want to protect our own people and national interests.
  • neutral, so that we do not have to participate in criminal policies of NATO, USA and Israel.
  • safe for all decent citizens so they are not terrorized by gypsy or other extremists and corrupted politicians.
  • socially equitable so that every decent citizen has work, fair wage, enough food and a healthy home.
  • economically prosperous so that we do not live in debt slavery and in the world of fictional money, but rather with a balanced national budget and our own currency, covered by real values.
  • economically developed, so that the domestic entrepreneurs and their products are the basis of the Slovak economy, rather than foreign investors who are often distorting Slovak market with cheap imports of low-quality products from abroad.
  • christian and morally preserved so that traditional Christian values are applied ​​instead of western liberalism which encourages atheism, materialism, consumerism, dangerous sects and sexual deviations.
  • national so that the Slovaks are in control of Slovakia and not in the service of foreigners, immigrants and ethnic minorities.
  • educated and cultural as a proud country in the heart of Europe should be.
  • healthy so that our citizens have access to free health care, high-quality food products without unnecessary chemicals and well preserved environment.

The People’s Party Our Slovakia has no rich sponsors among greedy speculators or financial groups, but is paid solely from the resources of their own people, committed to our program and our values.

Our members take politics as their personal mission in life, as a service to the nation and homeland. Unlike others we really want to achieve what we preach. Therefore, we are perceived as a major threat to the material and selfish interests of the current government and political system.

Uncompromising program, open and striking rhetoric and the fight against parasites and thieves in parliament and among people is the reason why we are being continuously attacked by foreign media and persecuted by the government and its police machinery.

Nevertheless, we are determined to sacrifice ourselves for Slovakia – For God and For the nation!